Hillman Foundation Grant Awarded To AFN, Andrew Hillman Dallas


On June 1 of this year, AFN was notified that the Board of Trustees of the Hillman Foundation approved a contribution in the amount of $90,000 to be applied toward building organizational capacity.

Funds from the grant will be used to upgrade AFN communications systems and to implement a pilot program to serve single parents of children with mental health needs who are working or wish to work.

In 2014 AFN surveyed 121 single parents it was serving at the time and determined that over 50% of them had to end their employment because of the need to concentrate on their children’s special needs and 75% of them found it extremely difficult to find appropriate paying positions. AFN will bring on board a new Family Support Partner who will focus on working collaboratively with a range of providers of employment and employment training services in Allegheny County and with other AFN staff to assist single parents in improving their current work situation, or in finding new work opportunities.

Allegheny Family Network greatly appreciates the Hillman Foundation’s assistance in continuing to improve the quality of our services to families.


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