Main area work
Andrew joined the firm at the end of 2007 and was chief operating officer until April 2011. He currently sits on the board as a non-executive director.

Andrew Hillman’s early career was spent at the sharp end of manufacturing. He then qualified as a Chartered Accountant, spending 18 years as a partner in Deloitte LLP, leading the firm’s Corporate finance practice in South West England and South Wales.

Photograph of Andrew Hillman
Contact Details

023 9228 2742
07795 540372


One thought on “Andrew Hillman NON EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

  1. My Father, Alton Beverly Hillman died of Cancer the same year the Hillman Foundation began in 1964. My Mother devoted her life to service and education and raised me to do the same. After serving in the Army two years, I founded a Boys and Girls Club in Lufkin, Texas. At this point in my life, I had no knowledge whatsoever of my Fathers family. In 1995, I became a Juvenile Probation Officer in Dallas County and still did not know I had relatives in the area. I had never heard of Dr. Joseph Hillman, Lou Hillman, nor had I met my Uncle Bill Hillman. I still don’t know much about my family except what I learn off of the internet. My Son Graduated TCU with a B.S. in Finance and is working oilfield leases. I really wish he could find his way to working with a Philanthropic Organization. I have explained to him that many people can make money but few people can make a real difference. Everything I have read about Mr. Henry Hillman is fascinating. I don’t know if we are family but I respect his accomplishments greatly.


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